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by Google Maps

From now on you have the opportunity to take a virtual hike in our villa. Look in all directions and experience the architecture and interiors throughout the area around Sari Hills Bali.

360° panorama photos come very close to reality. They enable free movement in space and contribute to being able to experience a place in all directions.

We would like to thank 360° Studio Bali for the great implementation.

Explore Street View

  • To move around, hover your cursor in the direction you want to go. Your cursor becomes an arrow that shows which direction you're moving.

  • To see where you might go next, look for the X. Click once to travel to the X.

  • To look around, click and drag your mouse. You can also use the arrows to the left and right of the compass.

  • To zoom in or out, scroll with your mouse or two-finger zoom with a touchpad. You can also use + and - below the compass.

  • To position your Street View north, go to the bottom right and click the compass.

  • To jump between streets, go to the "Back to Map" window in the bottom left and click the blue highlighted routes.

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